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Structural Laboratory Professor: Shin, Yung Seok and Park, Jang Ho

Laboratory: Paldal Hall 520-3 Phone: 82-31-219-2964

Structural laboratory has mainly been focusing on two large categories; Structural optimization and structural vibration. In the structural optimization, advanced topics on automated numerical optimization techniques, and algorithms for linear/nonlinear and unconstrained/constrained problems have been investigated. On the other hand in the structural vibration, dynamic responses of structures subjected to earthquake ground motions, design methods and procedures to resist earthquake, tectonic motion and generation and propagation of seismic waves, analysis methods for structural behavior under earthquake, soil-structure-fluid interaction, and seismic design have been investigated. Besides these specific topics, state-of-the-art technologies in modern structural engineering have been dealt with in this laboratory.

Concrete Structural Laboratory Professor: Han, Man Yop and Jeon, Se Jin

Laboratory: Paldal Hall 520-2 Phone: 82-31-219-2963 Website:

Structural laboratory has been focusing on not only research and development of advanced design and construction technology of concrete structures but also application of the developed technologies into practical use. The representative technologies developed so far are IPC(Incrementally Prestressed Concrete) girder bridges, IPS(Innovative Prestressed Support) system for excavation, and HiPC(Holed, incrementally Prestressed Concrete) girder bridges. The IPC girder and IPS system were awarded Korea’s top ten New Technology. We have a large-scale structural test laboratory for full-scale tests of a long-span bridge and a soil-supporting system.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Professor: Lee, Sang Duk

Laboratory: Paldal Hall 520-1 Phone: 82-31-219-2962

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory has been investigating advanced soil improvement, advanced tunnel engineering, advanced foundation engineering, design of soil structure and underground space, etc. We have developed a number of large-scale equipments for investigating mechanical behavior of soil, tunnel, earthpressure, earth retaining structure, soil improvement. In particular, a three-dimensional full-scale soil container has been developed and utilized in many advanced experiments.

Hydraulics and Water Resources Laboratory Professor: Yi, Jae Eung

Laboratory: Paldal Hall 520-4&5 Phone: 82-31-219-2646&1583 Website:

Hydraulics and Water Resources Laboratory has been mainly investigating efficient design, operation, and evaluation of water resources and application of these technologies into water resources structures such as reservoir, dam, levee, and hydropower plants. In particular, water resources engineering is dealt with in relation to hydrology, water quality standards, ground water flow and surface hydraulics, etc. Statistical approach to hydrology using hydrological data analysis and flood discharge assessment, and application of GIS(Geographic Information System) to development of water resources are other state-of-the-art technologies dealt with in this laboratory.

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